If you do any level of Display Adverting, you may be wondering, how do I connect the dots?

  1. Is there a better way to determine advertising effectiveness?
  2. Are our display ads working?
  3. Are we measuring what matters?
  4. Are we using the data that we collect effectively?

With Viewable Impressions able to guarantee that only display ads viewed are eligible for conversion credit, how does this effect my ROI? Understanding the moving parts of this evolving technology will put you ahead of your competitors…and coworkers.

This free 30-minute webinar will explore how attribution modeling intelligently discerns and quantifies the value of all marketing channels to quantify influence, financial credit and impact on bottom line conversion or revenue goals. By capturing and discerning upper funnel impact, attribution modeling can help marketers develop meaningful KPIs for display advertising that a CMO and CFO can understand and embrace.